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Kelly specializes in treating ankle injuries, as well as knees, shoulders and low back problems. She grew up competing as a highly competitive synchronized swimmer and after over 20 years in the sport she is still competing today. Kelly faced many injuries while training that lead to multiple setbacks. Through working with dedicated physiotherapists, she was able to heal and continue competing. Synchro then led Kelly to compete collegiately in the USA while completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from Lindenwood University. It was through these personal experiences that she decided to pursue a career in PT, and went on to achieve a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Toronto. She wants to be able to use her career in physical therapy to give the opportunity for everyone to participate in sports for life.

Kelly has also dedicated a lot of time volunteering and working with athletes with disabilities. She has volunteered with adapted water skiing organizations, coached athletes with disabilities in synchro, and interned in a personal training gym for people with disabilities. She hopes to continue to work with people with different abilities through physical therapy and volunteering in the future.

Kelly excels at taking your personalized goals and combining her knowledge in exercise with different manual techniques to tailor a treatment plan that is specifically made for you. She loves to learn and plans to further her education by taking courses in acupuncture, dry needling and other manual techniques in the future. She looks forward to working with you in the clinic to keep you active and doing what you love.

Kelly can be contacted at kellythurlow@therunningphysio.ca.

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