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Kevin is our clinic’s expert in dealing with shoulder, hip, and knee injuries and has worked with athletes from various sports including baseball, rugby, soccer, basketball, and Aussie rules football. This year Kevin is excited about starting his running journey and will be running his first 10k later this summer!
Kevin recently moved back home to Toronto after four years living in Melbourne, Australia, where he earned a Doctor of Physiotherapy from the University of Melbourne. Prior to that, Kevin graduated with a bachelor’s degree in film studies from Wilfrid Laurier University.
After suffering a severe back injury in 2016, Kevin’s doctors recommended extensive physiotherapy. Initially sceptical, Kevin soon learned how helpful but challenging physio can be. Over time, he gained an appreciation for how physio works to heal people both physically and emotionally. As someone who has dealt with a variety of injuries, Kevin is empathetic towards the recovery process and dedicated to helping others overcome injuries and prevent new ones.
Growing up, Kevin found his passion for team sports, especially baseball which he still plays today. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys playing squash, hiking, biking around the city and watching his favourite team, the Toronto Blue Jays.
Kevin provides care that puts the patient first and he works with individuals to set meaningful goals. By utilizing exercise and hands-on techniques, Kevin helps people of all ages and fitness levels achieve their targets and return to the activities that they love.
Kevin plans to further expand his skill set as he aims to earn his accreditation in dry needling, strength and conditioning, and advanced running biomechanics.
You can contact him at kevinh@therunningphysio.ca or book here.