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Kevin graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology from the University of Waterloo before completing his Masters of Science in Physical Therapy from the University of Toronto. He is our clinic’s running analysis guru and also enjoys treating low back and knee issues. He is also one of our clinic Run Coaches.

After completing his degree, he spent 3 years living and practicing in Calgary, Alberta. It was there where Kevin’s love for running began. He started running during Covid lockdowns due to lack of gym access and also became very interested in hiking in the neighbouring Rocky Mountains. With the desire to push further, Kevin self-coached his way through a 100km ultramarathon, finishing in 17.5 hours as his first ever race. Now back home in Ontario, away from the mountains, he recently completed his first marathon in 3:18 and is looking to qualify for Boston next!

Kevin hasn’t always been into running. His primary interests for the last 15 years have been strength training, powerlifting, and Olympic lifting. His degree in Kinesiology, experience as a personal trainer, and a decade and a half of personal experience give him an extensive background in strength and conditioning and functional exercise. He now combines these two passions, pursuing hybrid fitness goals in both weightlifting and running.

Kevin is certified in dry needling/acupuncture and has taken courses on Soft Tissue Release and manual therapy, using these techniques to help with pain and recovery from injury. He is also trained in advanced vestibular rehabilitation, assisting clients with a wide variety of dizziness and balance related conditions.

You can book a Discovery Call directly to discuss your coaching needs, or reach out personally for more details at kevin@therunningphysio.ca.

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